The Third Closed Beta for ArcheAge Promises Even More

The Korean game development company, XL Games, has announced the third closed beta tournament for ArcheAge is to begin in the middle of August 2014. The third closed beta is an invitation only playing event that will be staged globally. While you may not have been able to get an invite, you can attend several of the conferences timed to happen in August to witness the play. If nothing else, the use of the publically played closed beta sessions for the game are drumming up more and more interest in this sandbox MMPORG.

The second closed beta was more than three times the size of the first! One thing that players are waiting to find out is just how big the next closed beta will be. ArcheAge uses an entire world construct that so far keeps getting larger. The third looks to be even larger. While you might think that this would make for lonely play, they have taken lessons from the sandbox world of Second Life to manage the real estate to make sure players are engaged from the get go.

How it Works Without Progression

One of the defining aspects of ArcheAge is its non-linear and non-progressive style of play. It is a MMPORG sandbox world, which means that players come in and have to build an entire life and lifestyle for their characters as well as engage with others and the game. There aren’t defined quests and tasks that involve storylines that define the world; they are more like small histories that exist within it. You can devote your time to playing these adventures and engaging in battle (providing you have built up enough resources to survive) just as easily as you can contentedly sit and play a massively advanced version of Civilization or Farmville in the world.

The core gameplay revolves around the players’ ability to create an environment that can sustain their characters. This starts with a simple building of a home and some agricultural ventures, but then grows as the character grows. If you want to go out adventuring you have to create a lifestyle that can support it. If you want an army, you have to create an entire kingdom to support it with all the attendant industries. You don’t just build and walk away from your kingdoms either, they have to be managed while you are also exploring.

When Will it Be Released?

The real question is when the game will be released, at least as an open beta. Rumors have it that there may be a fourth closed Beta, but you can almost expect that it may roll out in the late winter to debut at game conferences as an open beta play. It may be another year or so before there is an official release. There are also rumors that it may adapt to one of the home entertainment systems as well.