Technology Nowadays

Nowadays, people are so dependent to technology that we do almost everything by the help of it. While during the old times people used to walk for long hours, now, people have many different choices when it comes to transportation. We have airplanes that could get us to different countries, ships or cruises that is not only for the traveling experience but also for the luxurious stay that you can enjoy. And for other land transportation we have bullet trains, buses, cabs and other short distance transportation which could vary on different countries.

Aside from these mega inventions, we also have the tiny ones which could be in a form of a microchip. How is it possible that these chips could actually be implanted under a skin, be it an animal or human? It used to be identification cards with your own picture so that you can be recognized but due to our technology, you can now use your implanted microchips.

People however find it easy to adapt as well, starting with mobile phones where in you do almost anything and download anything such as gaming applications like Minecraft, which is really popular; social media and applications on internet calling and a lot more.

We almost can’t leave home without a gadget in our bags or pockets. You go to different places and for sure you will be connected to the internet by using Wi-Fi. Update your status, your whereabouts or maybe a picture of what you are eating.

However, how great our technology may seem to be for most of us, remember that there would always be some good and bad that may turn out. This is why it is up to us how we make use of our technology especially that we have to be responsible for the younger generations to come.