SU27 Flanker

Flight-sim fans are going to have a lot to be thankful for this Christmas - especially if they find this title under the tree. SSI's SU27 Flanker impressed the hell out of us when we first saw it this past summer, and promises to be one of the most intense flight sims of the year.

SSI's goal in creating SU27 was to have the most accurate flight sim on the market, with performance vectors that exactly model the real-world physics of Russia's high-performance SU27 jet-fighter.

SU27 Flanker creates a realistic world around its exceptional flight model, too, where even the slightest change in temperature or wind can affect the performance of your high- tech aircraft. The details necessary to create such an accurate simulation come straight out of Russia, from previously classified specs that have become available only since the fall of the iron curtain. In fact, many of the sim's Russian designers were involved in the Soviet aerospace industry.

If it weren't for the fall of communism in Russia, the technical data to produce a sim as detailed as SU27 Flanker probably wouldn't be available...