Quests in ArcheAge

Some people are under the impression that ArcheAge does not have quests given its non-linear game nature. That is not true. You can learn more about how the game works. There are many quests in the game, as well as hidden quests since the third closed beta. The rewards for completing a quest can make it very worth your time, but it isn’t necessary for playing the game. One thing you may want to do is read the series of books that the game is based on to get an idea of the type of quests that can exist in the game. As it is now in its third closed beta release, there are still more quests yet to come!

In the first and second closed beta release the game creators left an option in that players could submit unfinished quests for approval for reduced experience credit. This served two purposes. One, it help to swiftly debug the quests in the game, and secondly, it let the developers know which quests may need to be redesigned as they interrupted game play rather than helped it. It is not expected that this option will last beyond the third closed beta release and most definitely will not be in the open beta or final release of the gaming world.

Finishing quests is a big deal in ArcheAge. It is in any game, but the nature of the gaming world here can make it much more challenging then you expect. Quests are rewarded with bonus experience points and other stats boosts. You can quickly become a virtual superman if you complete enough. They don’t act to complete a level, as is the case in most RPG games. This has allowed the game maker to make them unusually complex.

Hidden Quests

Several of the quests are hidden and you will only find out about them after you have completed an adventure and unlock them. These quests can take you on surprising adventures within the game world. They cannot be unlocked if you have submitted a quest for finish approval before it is completed. Anyone who joins you on the hidden quest won’t be able to benefit from the points gained, although they will then know how to go back and complete the quest after.

Playing Without Quests

One of the major attractors to the ArcheAge world is that you can play without joining any quests at all. It isn’t necessary as you will gain in skills in various areas through common interactions, trade and general combat. For people who prefer a more “Second Life” or Sim City style play, you can contentedly focus on your civilization and trade route control. The only time that you might run into issue is if you and your whole creation are in the path of someone else’s quests. It is not unheard of, especially when you consider the books the game is based on, for a hidden quest to contain something tucked in a place that the owner doesn’t even suspect is there.