SU27 Flanker

Flight-sim fans are going to have a lot to be thankful for this Christmas - especially if they find this title under the tree. SSI's SU27 Flanker impressed the hell out of us when we first saw it this past summer, and promises to be one of the most intense flight sims of the year.

SSI's goal in creating SU27 was to have the most accurate flight sim on the market, with performance vectors that exactly model the real-world physics of Russia's high-performance SU27 jet-fighter.

SU27 Flanker creates a realistic world around its exceptional flight model, too, where even the slightest change in


The New Imagination

Whew! With all the craziness surrounding the holidays, things have been pretty busy around the PC Gamer offices. But never fear; our ears are always open for those tidbits and morsels hinting at the hottest upcoming titles. So here's the latest, and although most of these garners won't be ready before Christmas, they may be well worth the wait...

Before jumping into the on-field action, participants in Front Page Sports: Football Online agree on conditions.

Version 2.4 includes Front Page Sports: Football and plenty of changes!

The ImagiNation Network is now releasing its latest software


Popular Games Now on Steam

Creating your own Steam account gives you access to a one-stop shop of everything that involves gaming online. Steam was developed by Valve more than a decade ago and has been a popular gaming spot for most players for its great features that any players could’ve wished for.

Over 3,500 games is what you’ll get by getting a Steam account, some are for sale while some are for free. Newer games are added from time to time while those that are coming soon can be pre-ordered. Of course it is expected that the most popular titles are the ones for a fee but you can always get Steam wallet codes av


Minecraft Free – Play From Your Browser

Minecraft is a fascinating sandbox game where you can craft tools, fight monsters, and create your own personalized world. It has one of the most active communities in any game and has molded the indie gaming market into a new, innovative niche. The game challenges you to stay alive in an open world, sandbox environment, which can be altered by your actions. To play this game, it must initially be purchased as well as downloaded from the official website. However, now you can play the game for free (no strings attached!) at the site. You are allowed to try the game for from your web browser


Minecraft Server Etiquette

Minecraft is not just focused on single players, but instead has an amazingly huge world to explore. It also has multiplayer features that will let you play with your friends that are connected to their devices, and some even will let you play online in a larger community. The online version of Minecraft is known to be one of the best games that you can ever play because it lets you go on an adventure in a certain type of customized map that’s made possible by the developers. There are tons of servers that you can try in Minecraft, and each have their own way of bringing fun for you depending


Quests in ArcheAge

Some people are under the impression that ArcheAge does not have quests given its non-linear game nature. That is not true. You can learn more about how the game works. There are many quests in the game, as well as hidden quests since the third closed beta. The rewards for completing a quest can make it very worth your time, but it isn’t necessary for playing the game. One thing you may want to do is read the series of books that the game is based on to get an idea of the type of quests that can exist in the game. As it is now in its third closed beta release, there are still more quests yet


Accessories for Playstation 4

If you are coming in from another home entertainment gaming system it may at first appear like Playstation 4 doesn’t offer much in the way of accessories anymore. With the latest generation of PS4 many of the third party controllers and options have had their support discontinued and won’t work with the new hardware. This isn’t a sign that Playstation 4 is downgrading, in fact, it’s just the opposite. It is a shrewd maneuver from Sony to become the producer of home gaming consoles for the serious gamer. You won’t find dancing pads and balance boards or lots of bells and whistles, you will find


Enjoy the Leisure of Minecraft for Free

Independent gaming is getting increasingly popular over the past decade. The newest winner in this revolution is the game called Minecraft, a game developed by Markus Persson. Did you know Persson is rumored to be in talks with Microsoft to work out a deal to sell Minecraft for $2 billion? It has gained phenomenal popularity in the internet gaming world in just a year, as the game became an instant hit since the day it released.  No other game in the past has gained such great popularity on the internet or even came close.  Although the game is an enormous success it, has some drawbacks. What is


Play Minecraft – Build, Break, Gather, Combat!

Originally created by a Swedish programmer named Markus “Notch” Persson, the game Minecraft revolves around breaking and placing blocks in a 3D world filled with nearly infinite possibilities. The basic idea was to create an experience where very individual component felt personalized, creative, and most of all, fun. The game was initially developed in alpha version and with the help of game development company Mojang, gradual updates were published to make it full version.

Rise to Fame

Although we see the game on so many platforms today, the game was originaly released for the PC only in 2009.


The Third Closed Beta for ArcheAge Promises Even More

The Korean game development company, XL Games, has announced the third closed beta tournament for ArcheAge is to begin in the middle of August 2014. The third closed beta is an invitation only playing event that will be staged globally. While you may not have been able to get an invite, you can attend several of the conferences timed to happen in August to witness the play. If nothing else, the use of the publically played closed beta sessions for the game are drumming up more and more interest in this sandbox MMPORG.

The second closed beta was more than three times the size of the first! One