SU27 Flanker

Flight-sim fans are going to have a lot to be thankful for this Christmas - especially if they find this title under the tree. SSI's SU27 Flanker impressed the hell out of us when we first saw it this past summer, and promises to be one of the most intense flight sims of the year.

SSI's goal in creating SU27 was to have the most accurate flight sim on the market, with performance vectors that exactly model the real-world physics of Russia's high-performance SU27 jet-fighter.

SU27 Flanker creates a realistic world around its exceptional flight model, too, where even the slightest change in temperature or wind can affect the performance of your high- tech aircraft. The details necessary to create such an accurate simulation come straight out of Russia, from previously classified specs that have become available only since the fall of the iron curtain. In fact, many of the sim's Russian designers were involved in the Soviet aerospace industry.

If it weren't for the fall of communism in Russia, the technical data to produce a sim as detailed as SU27 Flanker probably wouldn't be available...

The New Imagination

Whew! With all the craziness surrounding the holidays, things have been pretty busy around the PC Gamer offices. But never fear; our ears are always open for those tidbits and morsels hinting at the hottest upcoming titles. So here's the latest, and although most of these garners won't be ready before Christmas, they may be well worth the wait...

Before jumping into the on-field action, participants in Front Page Sports: Football Online agree on conditions.

Version 2.4 includes Front Page Sports: Football and plenty of changes!

The ImagiNation Network is now releasing its latest software update. With version 2.4 of INN, subscribers to this online community of gaming aficionados will have all kinds of new opportunities for head-to- head competition.

INN started in 1991 as The Sierra Network, the brainchild of Sierra On-Line founder Ken Williams. The service at first offered only card and board games, but gained dedicated followers partly because of the strong sense of community it fostered among subscribers. Key to this - and still a hallmark of the service - was the ability to create faces for yourself to go with your user profiles, allowing a lot more of the user's personality to come through than most services.

The Sierra Network didn't really take off for a couple years, though, and outside funding (most of it from AT&T) was secured to help keep the service afloat Along with AT&T's support came a new name -The ImagiNation Network - and the addition of new, more ambitious multi-player games to keep subscribers gaming for hours. In November of last year, AT&T purchased INN outright.

The new log-on screen is just the beginning of the changes you can expect in version 2.4 of The ImagiNation Network. [1]

With version 2.4 of the INN software, players can look forward to two major new games:

Front Page Sports: Football Online, and Free-For-A II Red Baron. Although Red Baron has been on INN for a while, the new version of INN's most popular game adds support for multiplayer, kill-anything-that-moves aviation against some top aces.

FPS: Football Online, a multiplayer version of the award-winning Dynamix series, holds the distinction of being the first and only online football sim on the market The game carries the full endorsement of the NFL players association, so all the player names and stats are straight out of the ‘94-'95 NFL season. Players first agree on a number of game conditions, such as weather, quarter length, and so on. Then the two meet on the gridiron, each calling the offensive and defensive plays and then watching as the resulting action unfolds. There's no arcade component to gameplay; it's coaching only.

Version 2.4 also marks the conversion of IN N's host software from a DOS-based system to UNIX, which will help the network accommodate more users simultaneously, provide increased overall speed, and make future software upgrades much easier.

Popular Games Now on Steam

Creating your own Steam account gives you access to a one-stop shop of everything that involves gaming online. Steam was developed by Valve more than a decade ago and has been a popular gaming spot for most players for its great features that any players could’ve wished for.

Over 3,500 games is what you’ll get by getting a Steam account, some are for sale while some are for free. Newer games are added from time to time while those that are coming soon can be pre-ordered. Of course it is expected that the most popular titles are the ones for a fee but you can always get Steam wallet codes available online for no extra cost.

Games on Steam offers different genre such as action, adventure, RPG, racing, simulation, massively multiplayer and indie while they also have available software that can be used for animation, photo editing, designs, production and even web publishing. Steam also conducts game sale every now and then which you can see as you log on to your account, you’ll even find some popular games discounted and other new titles free to play.

Technology Nowadays

Nowadays, people are so dependent to technology that we do almost everything by the help of it. While during the old times people used to walk for long hours, now, people have many different choices when it comes to transportation. We have airplanes that could get us to different countries, ships or cruises that is not only for the traveling experience but also for the luxurious stay that you can enjoy. And for other land transportation we have bullet trains, buses, cabs and other short distance transportation which could vary on different countries.

Aside from these mega inventions, we also have the tiny ones which could be in a form of a microchip. How is it possible that these chips could actually be implanted under a skin, be it an animal or human? It used to be identification cards with your own picture so that you can be recognized but due to our technology, you can now use your implanted microchips.

People however find it easy to adapt as well, starting with mobile phones where in you do almost anything and download anything such as gaming applications like Minecraft, which is really popular; social media and applications on internet calling and a lot more.

We almost can’t leave home without a gadget in our bags or pockets. You go to different places and for sure you will be connected to the internet by using Wi-Fi. Update your status, your whereabouts or maybe a picture of what you are eating.

However, how great our technology may seem to be for most of us, remember that there would always be some good and bad that may turn out. This is why it is up to us how we make use of our technology especially that we have to be responsible for the younger generations to come.

Minecraft Free – Play From Your Browser

Minecraft is a fascinating sandbox game where you can craft tools, fight monsters, and create your own personalized world. It has one of the most active communities in any game and has molded the indie gaming market into a new, innovative niche. The game challenges you to stay alive in an open world, sandbox environment, which can be altered by your actions. To play this game, it must initially be purchased as well as downloaded from the official website. However, now you can play the game for free (no strings attached!) at the site. You are allowed to try the game for from your web browser without any downloads; all that you need to do is have Java installed.

Be sure to follow the instructions on the Java page to allow the game to run smoothly. At first, when you start the game, you need to select to play multiplayer or single player. You can play alone the entire game in single player mode, whereas in multiplayer mode, you can play with various other people all across the Minecraft servers. You will also have to set the important options, including the controls, video graphics, sound and difficulty among other settings.

Installation Requirements

As mentioned above, you can play the game without downloading anything. However, there is also an option to download the same for your PC and play it whenever you desire. First, you’ll need a free account to play or download the game. Just open an account at The Minecraft client runs smoothly on a Java platform, so you will have to first download and install the latest Java version prior running the installer. Once Java is installed, you will need a secure internet connection until all the essential files have finished downloading and you have logged in for at least once online. Finally, you can then play Minecraft, but make sure to go through the survival guide available online to, like, not instantly die your first night.

Minecraft Server Etiquette

Minecraft is not just focused on single players, but instead has an amazingly huge world to explore. It also has multiplayer features that will let you play with your friends that are connected to their devices, and some even will let you play online in a larger community. The online version of Minecraft is known to be one of the best games that you can ever play because it lets you go on an adventure in a certain type of customized map that’s made possible by the developers. There are tons of servers that you can try in Minecraft, and each have their own way of bringing fun for you depending on what kind of game environment they have.

There are various types of Minecraft versions that you can download and play for free, but if you have a premium account, breaking the server rules can cost you your access and bring you towards the shameful world of getting banned. So in order for you to last long in the game without any trouble, be sure to follow these common tips in the Minecraft online community:

Don’t Ask Stupid Questions to Admins

Make sure that you don’t ask too many unnecessary questions to administrators because they will never entertain those and might restrict you from playing the game. These admins are known to be professional workers that only need questions that are full of sense. Another tip about these admins is that you should never ask a request to become one of them because they don’t recruit.

Learn to Read the Server Rules

You need to read the guidelines of the Minecraft server that you want to play in. There are many servers with specific rules that you should always follow, but these are simple rules anyway. But there are times where you can get banned once you disobey one or more of the rules. There might be rules that will never allow you to use mods, and there are some rules that you need to follow when using the chat rooms such as avoiding flooding the chat room with random letters.

There is a well known server in Minecraft that also lets the players read the rules carefully and will require them to take an exam before they can even chat and go to the actual game community so that they can have a full understanding of what the admins want to have in their community.

Never Offend Another Player’s Rights

Before you play Minecraft free online, make sure that you will always remember that the online community is just like the public where you need to respect one another, and maybe do a little teasing if they lost to you in a friendly fight in the game. Always remember that hacking, trash talking, and discriminating players with the use of your buildings and other forms of interaction can cause you an eternal ban on the server. So make sure that you play equally, and never violate other’s rights!

There’s No Chance for you to Change the Server’s Appearance!

To put it in a simple manner; there’s no way for you to alter the game just like what you can do in survival mode. So just go to the place where you can legitimately get the resources, and don’t bother breaking the blocks. Don’t spam, grief, troll, or be annoying!

Quests in ArcheAge

Some people are under the impression that ArcheAge does not have quests given its non-linear game nature. That is not true. You can learn more about how the game works. There are many quests in the game, as well as hidden quests since the third closed beta. The rewards for completing a quest can make it very worth your time, but it isn’t necessary for playing the game. One thing you may want to do is read the series of books that the game is based on to get an idea of the type of quests that can exist in the game. As it is now in its third closed beta release, there are still more quests yet to come!

In the first and second closed beta release the game creators left an option in that players could submit unfinished quests for approval for reduced experience credit. This served two purposes. One, it help to swiftly debug the quests in the game, and secondly, it let the developers know which quests may need to be redesigned as they interrupted game play rather than helped it. It is not expected that this option will last beyond the third closed beta release and most definitely will not be in the open beta or final release of the gaming world.

Finishing quests is a big deal in ArcheAge. It is in any game, but the nature of the gaming world here can make it much more challenging then you expect. Quests are rewarded with bonus experience points and other stats boosts. You can quickly become a virtual superman if you complete enough. They don’t act to complete a level, as is the case in most RPG games. This has allowed the game maker to make them unusually complex.

Hidden Quests

Several of the quests are hidden and you will only find out about them after you have completed an adventure and unlock them. These quests can take you on surprising adventures within the game world. They cannot be unlocked if you have submitted a quest for finish approval before it is completed. Anyone who joins you on the hidden quest won’t be able to benefit from the points gained, although they will then know how to go back and complete the quest after.

Playing Without Quests

One of the major attractors to the ArcheAge world is that you can play without joining any quests at all. It isn’t necessary as you will gain in skills in various areas through common interactions, trade and general combat. For people who prefer a more “Second Life” or Sim City style play, you can contentedly focus on your civilization and trade route control. The only time that you might run into issue is if you and your whole creation are in the path of someone else’s quests. It is not unheard of, especially when you consider the books the game is based on, for a hidden quest to contain something tucked in a place that the owner doesn’t even suspect is there.

Accessories for Playstation 4

If you are coming in from another home entertainment gaming system it may at first appear like Playstation 4 doesn’t offer much in the way of accessories anymore. With the latest generation of PS4 many of the third party controllers and options have had their support discontinued and won’t work with the new hardware. This isn’t a sign that Playstation 4 is downgrading, in fact, it’s just the opposite. It is a shrewd maneuver from Sony to become the producer of home gaming consoles for the serious gamer. You won’t find dancing pads and balance boards or lots of bells and whistles, you will find controllers and towers that deliver some of the best gaming around.

The console comes in a tower design that is easy to fit into your home entertainment system. The design of the case is sleek and modern and it can handle the addition of the camera units available as an accessory as well. The tower design helps to promote cooling of the hardware so there isn’t much to worry about making sure you have room around the console. You do want to place it with adequate airflow space and make sure that the sensors on the tower case can receive from the controller.


While the previous incarnations of the Playstation were able to use a variety of 3rd party controllers such as the racing steering wheel setups and combat joystick, those will no longer be supported with the PS4 generation. Instead, the stock shock controller is the only game at hand. This controller is fine tuned to the Playstation 4 system and includes the vibrating feedback sensor to increase game play. While this may take some getting used to, it increases your ability to use the controller with skill in all games quickly.

Tower Accessories

The tower accessories for the Playstation 4 are basic stands but they serve a definite purpose. They will lift the tower off the ground to give it enough air flow around the full case so that the components remain able to operate at ideal temperatures during maximum gameplay.


One thing that you cannot underestimate is the need for quality headphone devices. This is the one area where there are still plenty of third party issues supported. You want headphones that include quality VOIP systems. With the Playstation 4 you can talk to other players, but to use the voice command system you will need a sharper quality VOIP tech than is included with cheaper headphones.


The Playstation 4 does not come with a camera built in, but there are cameras accessories designed that can work as a hardwired or wireless addition to the system. Camera can increase communication with other players, be used to take screen shots or even to record gameplay. The format and codecs of the cameras can be set to standard options using the settings feature with the controller. You can save these to the tower hard drive or export them to an external device as well.

I Love Being Unemployed

I’ve worked for a company so long that I grew pissed off at the mundane tasks I had to do for people who didn’t care or respect what I did. After being fired for being “unmotivated,” I experienced relief and have a lot more time to do the things I actually want to do. I also receive 75% of my salary for doing NOTHING, and having to deal with NOBODY! If you’d like to learn how to reap the benefits, check out this article at Nolo.

I guess on the other end, unemployment could be troublesome. Unemployment is the condition of a person who wants a job and does not have one. Well, I don’t want one right now anyway. Usually a country is prosperous when it has little unemployment; that is, when most of the people who want to work can find jobs. A country is said to be undergoing a depression when it has a great deal of unemployment.

Let me give you a brief history. Early in the 1930s the United States was in the midst of the worst depression in its history, with many millions of people unemployed. This caused great hardship, and to prevent such hardships for unemployed people in the future, the United States government and the state governments set up a kind of insurance called unemployment insurance. The insurance is paid for partly by the employer and partly by the employee. When an employee loses his job and is unable to find another, he is entitled to receive a certain amount of money per week for a certain number of weeks, until he has found work.

Most states have also set up unemployment agencies which try to find jobs for people free of charge. If such an agency can find a suitable job for the person and he is unwilling to take it, he can no longer claim unemployment insurance.

Another way in which governments sometimes try to keep down unemployment is by creating jobs. During the depression of the 1930’s, the United States government set up the Works Progress Administration (WPA) and other government agencies that provided work for many people. Some of the persons who got jobs in this way were called “boondogglers,” which meant that the work they were doing was not important, but a great deal of useful work was done.

Enjoy the Leisure of Minecraft for Free

Independent gaming is getting increasingly popular over the past decade. The newest winner in this revolution is the game called Minecraft, a game developed by Markus Persson. Did you know Persson is rumored to be in talks with Microsoft to work out a deal to sell Minecraft for $2 billion? It has gained phenomenal popularity in the internet gaming world in just a year, as the game became an instant hit since the day it released.  No other game in the past has gained such great popularity on the internet or even came close.  Although the game is an enormous success it, has some drawbacks. What is it that has made the game so popular?  Which unique features have helped the game gain so much significance worldwide? One of the most asked questions is, “How do you download Minecraft for free?”

Minecraft is a game that revolves around being able to craft things like buildings, materials, and food. For example, you could construct a three dimensional defense structure from textured cubes. The game has awesome graphics to tempt users as well. The game mainly consists of two modes: Survival and Hardcore. In these modes, players must survive against attacks and do whatever it takes to stay alive. Creative mode allows players to have infinite resources to construct buildings, whereas the other modes allow players to acquire resources on their own. It is the exploration and customizability that attracts players of all age groups towards the game.

Those of you yearning to get Minecraft for free may be disappointed, because it may be too expensive for your liking. Just like other popular games, Minecraft is not free of cost completely – in fact, only the demo version is free. To access its latest edition you need to pay a fee to create a premium account for yourself. Those who cannot afford or do not want to pay for the account to get the latest edition of the game are left with no choice but to play free Minecraft. But how is it possible to play the game free of cost? You have several choices:

  • Play the free demo version from the official site.
  • Find survey sites that will give you Minecraft as compensation.
  • Use third-party applications like Minerauth to authenticate your non-premium account.

Many among us are not used to resorting to such means to get a game for free. But don’t be disappointed as there is also another alternative. There are many premium account gift code generators being released each month. Now that they don’t ask for email addresses or any personal information, you can bet that it’s safe now to download the latest version of Minecraft free.

The technologies used by gift code generators aren’t very complicated. All information you get from the code generators regarding the account and its security details including the username comes from the host itself. This is found in a list systematically organized in the code generator, most likely as a SQL table.  The need to provide email address does not arise as the game will be installed right into your computer.

For those interested in gathering more information and keeping themselves abreast about the latest developments, here is how to find a free Minecraft gift card generator:

  • Search for it on your favorite search engine.
  • Create an account on a website having a code generator.
  • Complete the requirements to get the program, which are usually short offers.
  • Get the Minecraft game code for no cost from the site.
  • The game can be downloaded directly from the site!

Follow these steps and you will easily download Minecraft free. Although it is not the easiest of games to install, it is not all that difficult either. The only problem that you are likely to face is the requirement of Java. But this problem can be sorted out by downloading the latest Java program free of cost. It looks like the best things in life really are free.